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In support of this year’s World AIDS Day theme –

Global Solidarity, Shared Responsibility

25 brave South African youth have stepped up and reached out to share their personal life stories. This book is a reminder that HIV is not a death sentence, and it is not a life sentence.

HIV doesn’t kill – STIGMA kills. Dealing with your diagnosis can be devastating, but it is no longer necessary to live in fear.

25 youth featured
The 25 youth featured in this book are sharing their COURAGE, HOPE and COPING SKILLS with everyone who needs support. This book is for EVERYONE – infected, affected or just curious about HIV. This book is about WINNING – against all odds. HIV does not kill your future.
HIV does not have the power to kill our dreams. And HIV should never stand in our way.

Prepare to be INFORMED, ILLUMINATED & INSPIRED. We’re on this journey TOGETHER.





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DISCLAIMER This book is distributed with the understanding that the opinions and stories in this book are the testimonies of the participants, designed for information and education purposes for the reader. The content of each story solely reflects the expression of the views and opinions of each of the participants, and not necessarily those of the publisher or The AIDS Consortium. These stories do not constitute endorsement by the publisher or The AIDS Consortium. This book contains material of a medical nature, and is not meant to be used, nor should it be used, to diagnose any medical condition. Neither the publisher nor the individual participants shall be liable for any physical, psychological, emotional, financial or commercial damages, including but not limited to special, incidental, consequential or other damages. At the request of select participants in this book, some names have been changed.

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Judi Nwokedi

Judi Nwokedi

Chair of The AIDS Consortium

“This year, World AIDS Day comes at a time when we are reeling from the effects of yet another global pandemic, Covid-19. Our youth bear the biggest brunt of society’s ills and today, 26 years after democracy, we are living with the aftermath of child-headed households and the economic impact of the burden of the HIV pandemic. This book is intended as a resource and companion for those who are struggling with inequality, unemployment, depression and helplessness. We are creating a community, a safe space for our youth to receive and share information and conquer the decimating effects of stigma and discrimination.”

About The AIDS Consortium

The AIDS Consortium (AC) is a human rights organisation aimed at promoting a non-discriminatory response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic based on people’s basic human rights as enshrined in South Africa’s constitution. AC has a proud history of 24 years striving for a healthy South Africa, free from HIV, TB and Stigma. AC was established by Hon. Judge Edwin Cameron, a constitutional court judge in collaboration with other activists in 1992. The AIDS Consortium remains committed to its mandate of being a driving force for social change, strengthening community systems and providing unity and leadership in HIV sector in South African and within the region. Our aim is to ensure that communities enjoy their Constitutional rights through the provision of information sharing, advocacy, training and provision of subgrants. The AIDS Consortium has possessed a wealth of knowledge informed by their interaction with different population groups at community level across the country and within the region.

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